Online Reputation Cards (how to get these)

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All of our online reputation templates (social media and business cards) now live in Canva and can be found here on our Pinterest board: These online reputation cards are a great way to remind residents to drop your property a review! They are standard business card size and here's the process for obtaining them:

    • Direct link to card template:
    • Properties pay for these.
    • You can either have the client/property customize them or you can customize them for the client… up to you!
    • Here’s what needs to be customized in the business card template:
      • The apartment community name on the front
      • The property website on the back
      • The review sites that the property would like to direct residents to for reviews
      • These can be ordered, printed, and shipped directly in Canva after customizing.
      • For the latest pricing breakdown, please visit the template above and click "print business cards." You will find pricing there within Canva.