Swag Vendors & Ideas

Posted by Bethe Wright on

If you don't see something in the shop and want to work directly with a vendor, or if you want to buy something in bulk, you have several options!

1. You can work with your own local vendor. All of our logos are available under SharePoint - Lifer Files - General Marketing. If you have questions, email bethewright@apartmentlife.org. 

2. You can work with one of Apartment Life's vendors. Here are a few people you can contact:

3. You can order and customize products on this website: printedmint.com (works for individual or bulk orders)

4. You can order a gift and personalize the box/message on this website: greetabl.com (works for individual or bulk orders)


5. You can have food delivered through something like Uber Eats - most cities have local bakeries so you can deliver a box of cupcakes, a pie, etc. 


6. You can have a plant delivered from The Sill.


Do you have a vendor or website you love ordering swag from? Email bethewright@apartmentlife.org and tell us about it!